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If You Shopped at Target from November 27 through December 18, 2013 or Received Notice That Your Personal Information Was Compromised,
You Could Get Money from a Data Breach Settlement.

Consumers who shopped at Target from November 27 through December 18, 2013 or received notice that their personal information was compromised, may be eligible for money from a Data Breach Settlement. 

To learn more about your right to receive money or how to object or exclude yourself from the Settlement, read the Detailed Notice.

The Claim submission deadline of July 31, 2015 has passed.

No additional Claims are being accepted.


On February 1, 2017, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals decided appeals brought by two objectors to the Target settlement. The appellate court reversed and sent the case back to the district court. The Eighth Circuit instructed the district court to explain its findings on class certification, specifically the requirement that class representatives adequately represent the interests of the class. The Eighth Circuit directed the district court to make a new ruling on the class certification issue within 120 days and provide its decision to the Eighth Circuit. A copy of the Eighth Circuit’s opinion is available on this website under “Other Documents.”

When the case returned to the district court, class counsel promptly requested that the settlement class be certified. On May 17, 2017, after briefing and oral argument, the district court again certified the settlement class. A copy of Judge Magnuson’s class certification order is available at this web site under “Other Documents.”  The district court sent its opinion to the Eighth Circuit.

Unfortunately, benefits cannot be distributed, and claims cannot be paid, under the settlement until any appeals are resolved.  We do not know when the Eighth Circuit will decide the case but please check this web site for further updates. Thank you for your patience.


This site is not operated by Target Corporation.  This Settlement is supervised by the Court and is administered by a claims administration firm that handles all aspects of claims processing.

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